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Digitalization (the internet), democratization (social media shifting the power towards the consumers) and globalization are dramatically increasing the rivalry among competitors as well as customer churn, and are opening the door wide for new entrants into any market, who can quickly introduce copycat or superior services.


In order to survive in this new rough and bloody environment, you need to create and sustain a competitive advantage. This can be achieved through innovation!



Innovate - or die!


Innvoation can not only keep you alive, but can also put you one or several steps ahead of your competitors. Small and medium-sized enterprises can now play "Judo" by using the same factors threatening their business and play them to their advantage to compete against peer companies as well as larger enterprises.


We hear a lot about product innovations, but there are a lot more areas, which can benefit from innovation. Here an overview:


  1. Technology innovation

  2. Product innovation

  3. Service innovation

  4. Process innovation

  5. Management model innovation

  6. Business model innovation


A few technology enablers you may capitalize on to innovate are: BIG Data, Cloud, Mobile and Social Media

What is innovation?


  • First, it's all about people: The source of innovation is human: people - not companies - are creative, can invent & innovate; and the result of all these activities is intended to benefit people in the end (destination)

  • Everyone is creative: It's just that over time our environment has quenched this treat in us and our brain is trying to avoid this "abnormal" state to save energy

  • Inventing is creating something new which can stay in your drawer or the patent office for ever, while innovating is finding a new way of using something which already exists (through combination and reframing) and apply it successfully, thus creating value.

So what's keeping you from innovating?


As mentioned earlier, it's all about people.  Do you have the right people? If so, are they motivated and engaged enough to spend their high energy brainstorm for your company?


Are they freed from the environmental constraints limiting our natural ability to be creative?


And finally, as a small and medium-sized company, are you willing to take the risk and accept the changes associated with innovation?

Finally, how can we help you innovate?

In 1-day workshops (InnoMaker™), we can help you motivate your people so that they participate in innovative projects. We help your people break the chain limiting their creativity, through sepecific mental warm-up exercises and strategies to think out-of-the-box.


We run together a Design Thinking process - to creatively solve a specific business or technical problem your company is experencing. We not only explain to you & show you the innovation process, we also live it with you during the workshop!

Why regenmaker? How are we different?


We can solve the dilemma of "to innovate or not to innovate". Here's the causality relation formula:


Challenges < Competitive Advantage < Innovation > Change > Risk!


We help you manage the naturally associated change and risk, so you can innovate without a headache, i.e. removing all obstacles to innovation.


We can play 3 roles:

a) Catalyst (where we passively moderate & coach the idea finding process and help you identify & mitigate the risks)

b) Contributor (where we actively participate with you in the idea finding process with our own creativity, expertise* & industry knowledge**)

c) Implementor (where we continue to coach you through the execution phase, so you can see results and the creation of value, which are the fruits of a complete innovation project or process.


* expertise in Electrical, electronics, telecom & biomedical engineering, sales, marketing, international business development


** industry knowledge of Telecom/IT in EMEA

In Short



What we do?
Encourage Creativity
Catalyze, Enable & Accelerate Innovation
Minimize Risk
Manage Change
In the areas of Sales, Marketing, Business Development
& New Product Development

How we do it?
Creativity Labs
Design Thinking Workshops
Business Model Generation & Innovation
Value Proposition Design
Risk Management
Change Management


Why we do it?
So that you can innovate more boldly, quickly and reliably
Increase your competitive advantage
Stay several steps ahead of your competition
Grow faster than the market
Guarantee sustainable shareholder value


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