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Digitalization, Globalization and Commoditization are the new challenges most small businesses are struggling with nowadays. The good news is that exactly these first two forces together with a touch of innovation can be used to your advantage in order to compete with bigger enterprises and even give your business a sustainable competitive advantage to stay one step ahead of your competition.


We help you create an innovative business model & business development strategy and develop best-in-class sales skills & tools to become the next global hidden champion. Depending on your requirements for growth acceleration pace, we can even take over your national and international business development and sales activities as your outsourced partner, sharing your vision and risks.


We are experts in IT, Telecom and Electronics and are specialized on the Austrian, Middle Eastern & North African markets. We understand your day-to-day challenges as a small business and have developed an effective yet simplistic, transparent and predictable offering giving you instantaneous results with minimal risk. In just 8 days we are able to bring you to the next level giving your business a sustainable competitive advantage and dramatically increase your sales revenues.


We developed a 3-step framework program for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) to grow at their own pace and suiting their specific budgets. We call this Growth program, which consists of 5 modules: Vitamin G


.. allow us to be your rainmaker or let us help you find, build and nuture your hidden rainmakers and grow your business




We have created a best of breed curriculum of the most effective skills and strategies needed to achieve excellence in today's complex and fast moving technology-based business world. We can train your salesforce and managers at your premises, in our training rooms or using e-learning.


Unlock the hidden potential in your most important asset, the workforce!




Our trainings are complemented with a time-limited individual coaching service, which can be enhanced to suit your needs.



Your problems and challenges are our bread and butter business. Whether industry, technology or business challenges, we are eager to help you grow your business in a sustainable manner.


Our portfolio of specialized consultancy services for SMB range from new product introduction support to new market entry advise and accompanying, to sales development & sales process optimization.


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