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Consulting Services


Our portfolio of specialized consultancy "rainmaking" services targets small & medium sized businesses (SMB) and range from sales development & optimization, new product introduction support, to new market entries (export) advice . We follow a consistent 6-step consultancy process, which gives you transparency and continuous progress reporting you can track. We are results oriented and take pride of ensuring customer satisfaction with every project.

Sales Development & Optimization


We can help you optimize your sales process, grow your sales revenues, achieve better forecasting precision and achievement and win new customers.


We do this through diagnosing and analyzing your current processes, understanding and developing your value proposition, researching the competition, training your sales force and your sales managers and optimizing your sales process.

New Product Introductions


Introducing new products is like planting a new exotic tree species.

Even if you are introducing a new product in your existing markets and through existing channels, a proven sound process and checklist is indispensible to achieve early success and shorten the adoption curve and hence the time to market. If your technology is disruptive (discontinuous innovations), then you need to cross the "Chasm" to reach mainstream, which requires extraordinary efforts and represents a trap, some companies find themselves stuck in.


If you are a startup, entrepreneur or an inventor, then the challenge of realizing your idea and marketing your innovations successfully in order to generate sustainable revenues is even greater and is crucial for the survival of your enterprise. We offer special rates and risk & revenue sharing pricing models for startups.


Having several years of hands-on new product introduction experience in the telecommunication industry, allows us to support you in this process and let you enjoy the rainmaking experience early on.

New Market Entry / EXPORT


Do you need to export your product into new markets in an attempt to further grow your revenues? It is an opportunity you need to consider. Exporting and addressing new markets can be lucrative, but brings with it few challenges such as language, culture, new competitive landscape, regulatory approvals, distribution & sales channels, support, product adaptation and localization, etc...


By the way did you know that IKEA suffered a rare failure of its internationalization efforts and had to close all its outlets in Japan in 1986? One of the reasons was that their furniture was too large for japanese homes. On the other hand IKEA was astonished to see the sales of its small flower vases rise astronomically in the USA. They found out that Americans use these small vases as large cups to drink!


Should you enter new markets with your own resources or with a partner? Are you inventing the wheel and experimenting or you need advice from a consultant like regenmaker, who has vast experience in developing new markets in Middle East and Africa.


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