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"Unlock the hidden rainmaking potential in your most important asset, your workforce"


We believe that every individual, whether a sales rep, a sales engineer or a sales manager, has the potential of becoming a rainmaker, thus capable of generating substantial new business and growth for their organizations and high satisfaction & recognition for themselves.


Our research shows that the sales performance depends on 3 key areas: Strategy (culture), Process (systems) and People (talent). Our other programs focus on the Strategy and the Process areas and slightly touch upon the People area.


This Sales Academy Program however, is designed to extensively address the People area of improvement, dividing it further into 4 sub-areas: Training, Coaching, Teamwork and Leadership. Building and managing a successful sales force, which is high performing (effective & efficient), motivated, aligned and collaborating, requires working on all the four People sub-areas jointly.


We have developed a best of breed curriculum of the most effective skills and strategies needed to achieve excellence in today's complex and fast moving technology-based business world. Using carefully distilled essential content based on the world's best business luminaries & renowned experts in their fields* and blended with more than 25 years of personal professional experience and the REGEN™ sales methodology for B2B technology sales; we are able to offer you an all-you-need tailored program.


There are 4 competence levels (Personal Excellence, Sales Professional, Sales Manager and Executive Management), for which different courses are available.

Completion of the complete program (SALES.ACADEMY, 17 days of courses, coaching and thesis work spread over 6 months) and passing the final exam will earn you the title "Certified Master Business Development Rainmaker"



Duration: 6 months


Intensity: 17 full-day equivalents or 119 credit hours


Investment: 4990€ + VAT per month (for up to 8 persons)


ROI: Increased personal & group effectiveness & efficiency



* The content of the courses was inspired by works from Roger Fisher (Getting to YES), Neil Rackham (SPIN selling), Julie Thomas (Value Selling), Miller Heimann (Strategic & Conceptual Selling), Mathew Dixon (Challenger Sales), Michael E. Porter (Five Forces Analysis), Alexander Osterwalder (Business Model Generation), Geoffrey A. Moore (Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado), Jay Kurtz & Kappa West (Business Maps / Wargaming), Renée Mauborgne (Blue Ocean Strategy)...


The core content follows the proprietary REGEN™ methodology, which is based on years of research in latest B2B Technology Sales and the strategy and tactics used by the top performers in the IT & Telecom industry – whom we refer to as “Rainmakers”.




Customer Testimonials


“I must admit that the Sales Bootcamp was one of the best workshops I ever had with Ericsson or Aastra”
O. Al-Assaly, Managing Director SPEC Egypt (System Integrator)

“The sales bootcamp was different than any other training: more interactive, fun, helps much in sales situations”
Fikret AYDOĞAN, CEO TopTel Turkey (Distributor)



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