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"We act as an extension to your Salesforce"


Do you need to export your product into new markets in an attempt to further grow your revenues? It is an opportunity you need to consider. A recent report published in Feb 2015 by Bloomberg Business shows that Qatar and UAE rank as #2 and #4 of the most promising emerging markets and Saudi Arabia #1 of the most promising frontier market. Exporting and addressing new markets can be lucrative, but brings with it few challenges such as language, culture, new competitive landscape, regulatory approvals, distribution & sales channels, support, product adaptation and localization, etc...


Should you do it with your own resources or with a partner? Are you reinventing the wheel and experimenting or you need advice from a consultant like regenmaker™, who has vast experience in developing new markets in Middle East and Africa.


If you are interested in developing new emerging markets to grow your B2B sales revenues, but don't have the market knowledge nor the local presence or adequate resources, then this program is ideal for you. We can act as an extension to your sales force, actively involved in growing your international (export) B2B revenues as independent channel sales and business development managers or sales rainmakers.


Sales Outsource is a project based BDO (Business Development Outsourcing) Program for developing export markets and distribution channels and allows you to rapidly introduce and market your products and services in emerging markets of Middle East and Africa.


We focus on the following countries:


  • United Arab Emirates

  • Qatar

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Bahrain

  • Oman

  • Jordan

  • Egypt

  • Libya

  • Algeria

  • Tunisia

  • Morocco


We can help you with the following:


  • Foreign market potential analysis

  • Foreign channel coverage analysis

  • Foreign competitive analysis

  • Foreign market segmentation analysis

  • Channel profile definition

  • Channel value proposition


and build an effective and sustainable, single or multi-tier, B2B distribution
network of channel partners:


  • Distributors

  • Value-Added Resellers (VAR)

  • System Integrators (SI)

  • Resellers



We take care of identifying, searching, recruiting, onboarding, training, certifying, enabling and managing the sales channels by implementing your existing partner program, adapting it to local requirements, or - if necessary - develop a new partner program - together with you. We also take care of all neccessary requirements for local product introduction as well as the  local marketing activities from launch & press events, partner events, customer seminars, trade shows...


We can run the project as a BOT (Build - Operate - Transfer) business model, maximizing the execution speed, whilst minimizing your risks and upfront expenditures.


Our success is by moving YOUR sales needle. We agree upfront what objectives and sales metrics you want to achieve, agree to a reasonable expectation, and then put together a customized plan to make it happen. 


Typical milestones


IBM    Initial Briefing Meeting (get to know each other and check for match)

U&D   Understand & Define scope session > Proposal > Contract > Project Start

1 month      Entry assessment done, recommendation protocol ready, Partner Profile & VP defined

3 months    Scouting done. Recruitment started

6 months    Recruitment done. Distribution agreement(s) signed

9 months    Partner(s) on-boarded & enabled, Products localized/type approved/homologized

11 months  Sales launched locally. First month sales revenues measured.

12 months  Exit assessment done, improvement measured and presented


Investment: Retainer fee + results-oriented compensation or sales commission


Return on investment: New sales revenues from new markets with no initial CAPEX and minimal risk



  • Rapidly expand your geographical reach

  • Rapidly expand your distribution channel network footprint

  • No upfront CAPEX (no investment in local offices and human resources)

  • Minimal risk (indirect sales)


Ask for a free initial briefing meeting, so that we can understand your needs >>> Contact Us



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