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Live Webinar


Death of the "old" Sales Process

4 keys to boost your B2B sales effectiveness


April 10, 2015


16:00 CET


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Are you selling complex high-tech, software or managed services (cloud) solutions?


Some B2B companies are struggling while others are prospering. You might even see huge performance discrepancies within a single sales organization. Is there an explanation why? And what makes them (sales organizations and sales individuals) successful in today’s digital marketplace?


Ever wondered how old your sales process is? Did it evolve with time to adapt to the industry trends? Is it specific to B2B sales and to Technology/Software/Services sales or is it a generic sales process also used in B2C sales?

In this webinar, Dr. Roger Hage, President and Founder of Regenmaker Consulting, will discuss how today's marketplace is changing and how companies can adapt themselves not only to cope with the challenges, but also to leap frog the competition and grow their sales revenues faster than the market is growing.


DISCLAIMER: This Webinar is not recommended for companies who are selling consumer goods & services!



You will learn

•             New challenges faced in today’s B2B technology sales

•             Evolution of corporate strategy trends 

•             What top performing companies & individuals do differently

•             4 keys to revamp your sales process & boost revenues

•             How to maximize your Return on Training Investments (ROI)


Who should attend

•             Sales representatives

•             Sales managers

•             Sales operations

•             Marketing


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About Regenmaker


Regenmaker Consulting, an international business development agency and sales academy, based in Vienna, Austria and active in the EMEA region, is the creator of the REGEN Selling™ methodology framework.


We believe that any company or professional has the potential of being a rainmaker. We help medium-sized high-tech companies substantially grow their B2B sales revenues by a) Crafting a business development strategy for growth, b) Revamping their sales processes to accelerate revenues, c) Training & coaching their sales people & executives to maximize productivity, process adherence & collaboration, and d) Building international sales channels in emerging markets of Middle East & Africa to nimbly boost their export sales revenues


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