4 Reasons Why Startups Struggle in B2B Sales

Picture source: Pixabay.com In a recent article titled “3 reasons why startups fail at sales”, Jean-Luc Scherer touches upon the lacking sales and selling skills of founders and entrepreneurs as well as the fact that the business accelerators, which are supposed to help startups grow, often fail to accelerate sales. In another article titled “Minimum Viable Product vs Product Market Fit”, it is mentioned that Andreesen Horowitz stated that market matters over everything else. Four other challenges innovative startups face in B2B sales, which established businesses don't have are: The product is so new that prospective customers can’t categorize and understand it The product is still changing

Is Digital Transformation Hype or Reality? - Part 4 of 4

In the previous parts of my blog series about Digital Transformation, I put up those 4 key questions for debate, and answered the first three: Why do we need to innovate by transforming our business at all? Where does it make most sense to start the transformation process? Which technologies are most promising for effective transformation? How to implement digital business transformation? Now it’s time to look into the last question (the how) and wrap-up. How to implement digital business transformation? As mentioned earlier, always start with the people (your customers and your employees). The process and the technology will have to follow. Ask yourself how you can add value to your custome

DER B2B-Vertriebsansatz für KMU in der Digitalen Transformation

Am Freitag, den 24. März 2017 fand sich eine Gruppe wissbegieriger Marketing Natives-Mitglieder im Büro der UPPER Network GmbH ein, um dem Thema „B2B Social Selling“ auf den Grund zu gehen. In einem vierstündigen Workshop haben Dr. Roger Hage (Geschäftsführer bei Regenmaker® Consulting) und Dieter Puganigg (Geschäftsführer bei DigitEcon) – gemeinsam mit ihrem Beratungskonzept #DigitalKMU™ wegweisend am österreichischen Markt tätig – ihr Know-how geteilt, über die sachlichen und fachlichen Hintergründe der B2B Kundenakquise im Zeitalter der Digitalen Transformation mit Social Selling und wie KMU in der Digitalen Welt nachhaltig erfolgreich verkaufen können, gesprochen. Ein Praxisteil mit ein

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