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What is a rainmaker?

By Roger Hage

A person who produces or attempts to produce rain (which is essential for agricultural growth) by artificial or ritual means is called a rainmaker. In business it refers to a person or a partner who brings in new business or whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success.

According to Investopedia, a rainmaker is "any person who brings clients, money, or respect to an organization based solely on his or her association. In everyday usage, the term "rainmaker" can apply to anyone - from the salesperson who always finishes first in sales to the engineer who consistently finds innovative ways to present a company's products. In the purest sense, a rainmaker is a difference maker."

Distant Rainstorm

Sales rainmakers

So rock star sales reps can be considered rainmakers. They are able to consistently exceed their sales quota and hence grow revenues. They close most deals and they can close the most complex and improbable deals. They can attract new clients. So how to become a sales rainmaker, or do you have to be born as such? Apart from the natural personality and behavioral treats like curiosity, enthusiasm, passion, creativity, charisma and determination, there are several skills and processes, which can be learnt or enhanced to create sales rainmakers in your company. We at regenmaker have created trainings and coaching specifically for sales reps, key account managers, channel managers and sales managers, so they can proudly call themselves sales rainmakers.

Marketing rainmakers

Excellent marketers can also be considered a company’s rainmakers. If that innovative and viral marketing campaign or that creative and exclusive brand they designed and implemented is bringing their company more dollars, then they deserve the title rainmaker.

Product rainmakers

Innovative product inventors and designers like Steve Jobs with the development of the iPhone deserve the title of rainmaker.

Business model rainmakers

Steve Jobs (again) with the introduction of iTunes business model: selling music as a service to be downloaded online in chunks of one track at 99 cents, and sharing the revenue with the record industry, brought his company Apple millions in revenue, so deserving the title CEO and rainmaker, Apple Inc.

Successful Business Developer = Rainmaker

In summary a successful business developer (in its broader sense) is a rainmaker. Whether growing revenue dollars for the company by excellent sales, excellent marketing, innovative product design, innovative business model, expanding into new market segments or new geographical markets, or by creating excellent partnerships and alliances, it doesn’t matter as long as the business is being developed and grown.

This is the reason why we call our company regenmaker™. We can build your internal rainmakers by training and coaching your workforce or support your company externally to achieve this rainmaker effect through our dedicated consulting services.

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