What does the latest Mission Impossible movie has to do with Regenmaker® Sales & Business Develo

Tom Cruise’s latest movie Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation debuting July 31 is being premiered here at the majestical Vienna State Opera, less than 100 meters away from Regenmaker®’s office.

Yesterday while taking my lunch break walk in the summer heat with temperatures above 35 degrees, I was impressed with all the preparation work and tam tam being done ahead of the premiere and thought to myself: “Let me try an experiment to test if news hijacking can work to increase my social media reach with this article”. As a novice to social media marketing and social selling - to which I was recently introduced and showed that it can work for B2B sales by Martyn Etherington, while I was still working with Mitel and got trained by no one else but Jill Rowley – a successful result of this experiment would boost my morale and belief in this strategy and also put my consultancy practice (Regenmaker) in the spotlight of attention. (Disclaimer: Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

I must admit that I am a fan of the Mission Impossible movie series and a big fan of Tom Cruise. Last time I saw him was when I was still living and working in Dubai, while they were shooting the scenes at the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. After a very busy day shooting stunts, Tom surprisingly invited the whole crew to Fat Burger, which recently had opened on jumeirah beach road.

Now where I am back in Austria, I am again proud and lucky to have seen scenes shot in front of my eyes (Vienna) in this latest sequel. I am wondering: Where will Tom go for lunch or dinner in Vienna if he were as spontaneous and flexible as he was in Dubai? To a typical Austrian hot dog stand selling Käsekrainer sausages near the Schwedenplatz? Or to a Turkish Döner Kebab Outlet right in front of the Bristol hotel near the opera? Or incognito to a typical Viennese restaurant to enjoy a tasty Wiener Schnitzel? Or - as I assume most probable - to the Do&Co exquisite VIP Restaurant in the Haas Haus, just opposite the St. Stephan’s Cathedral.

Enough for the relation to Regenmaker and myself. Still I did not answer what Mission Impossible has to do with Sales & Business Development? This I believe grabbed your initial attention and got you to read so far. Right?

Well as an international sales growth consultant I got inspired by the title “Mission Impossible” which reminded me of a similar tagline “Impossible is nothing” used by Adidas, which I use in my seminars and trainings to challenge and motivate participants to achieve new heights in complex B2B sales. I do sincerely believe that every person has the potential of becoming a rainmaker, bringing her/his organization new customers, new business, growth and prosperity (Amen). You don’t have to be born with the top performer gene in you, nor does an organization have to spend a fortune recruiting these uncontrollable lone wolf artists who have the allure of a diva!

Every sales professional and even engineers can build and sharpen their competencies and skills needed to be successful in today’s complex sales 2.0 environment and dealing with those empowered Generation-Y buyers. You can - as an individual salesperson, business developer or as a small company – now take advantage of the digital and social media for: